Flash jingle

Flash jingle

Flash jingle - work placement at Média Projets – May 2010

These jingles were create to be include in an introduce video for :

• Newsport. It's an advertising and promotion agency with object. (In other words,  they put  adds in everything). Three elements to put in this animation : business (blue color), objet communication (red color),  factual (yellow color)

• Découp’lettres is a subsidiary of Newsport. (advertising  agency). Their role is to imagine and design vehicle covering (generally add cover).

• CDES is an expertise work tool for sport and its social environment. (center of law and sport economy)

• The Open GDF Suez Limousin : women tennis competition.

• The  Fondation du Patrimoine  objective is to contribute to save  edifice and no protected area.

Adobe illustrator, flash, AS3

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